Requirements for the Minor

A minor in EPC requires students to select seven courses from the list of approved courses.

Use the EPC Minor Requirement Worksheet to track your progress.

1. Two humanities or social science courses chosen from the following core survey courses:

  • ENVR_POL 211: Food and Society: An Introduction
  • ENVR_POL 212: Environment and Society
  • ENVR_POL 390: US Environmental Law and Policy/ US Environmental Politics (same as POL_SCI 329)
  • ENVR_POL 390: Politics & Nature in a Comparative Perspective (same as POL_SCI 367)
  • ENVR_POL 340: Global Environments and World History (same as History 376)
  • GEOG 211: World Biogeography
  • HISTORY 300xx: Relevant Sections
  • ISEN 230: Climate Change and Sustainability

2. Four elective courses in three broad areas with at least one course in each area (See Courses):

3. One science course selected from the following list:

  • BIOL_SCI 346: Field Ecology
  • BIOL_SCI 347: Conservation Biology
  • EARTH 105: Climate Catastrophes in Earth History
  • EARTH 106: The Ocean, The Atmosphere, and Our Climate
  • EARTH 111: Human Dimension of Global Change
  • ENVR_SCI 201: Earth, an Habitable Planet
  • ENVR_SCI 202: The Health of the Biosphere
  • ENVR_SCI 203: Energy and the Environment

At least four of the seven required courses must be at the 300 level.

Only 1 quarter of Env_POL 399 may count towards the minor.